What Does the Buy Chickasha Program Do?
Shopping local benefits you, your family, your business, and it allows you to be directly involved in building a stronger city just by shopping in Chickasha. Not only do you support Chickasha businesses, you’re supporting a better quality of life in Chickasha through your sales tax dollars.

The Buy Chickasha program highlights the Chickasha business community, while featuring a variety of merchants. The increase in sales tax collections helps the City of Chickasha provide necessary services to its residents and merchants.

And, let’s not forget those winning ticket numbers. Change to what would you do with gift cards if you won?

How are tickets distributed?
Participating merchants issue a minimum of one ticket to each customer. Additional tickets will be given out for every $10 in purchases, maximum of 100 tickets per purchase. Persons must be 18 or older to participate and win.  Tax exempt purchases do not qualify, with the exception of Disabled Veterans.

How will this help local businesses?
Thousands of dollars will be spent in advertising this campaign, including print ads, radio ads, posters, and social media.. The power of collaborative advertising means that you get high value marketing for the nominal cost of participation. Customers trying to win money will frequent participating businesses – this increases traffic to your store which then gives you the opportunity to sell to them.
How will this help my community?
The Chickasha business community will be highlighted, while featuring a variety of merchants. The increase in sales tax collections helps the City be able to provide necessary services to the business and residential community.
Who can participate as merchants?
The Buy Chickasha campaign is open to any business in and around Chickasha. Business registration is closed for 2019 but we look forward to increasing our merchants in 2020!
Can I win from the tickets from my business?
You and your employees are NOT eligible to win on your own business’ tickets. However, you and your employees can win by shopping at other participating businesses.